You do not have to be a member to takes lessons or attend any JitterSwing dances or events.

All Lessons, Dances, and Events are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

Membership Benefits:

  • FREE Lessons on Fridays with paid admission.

  • Discounts when you show your membership card for Dances & Lessons.

  • Membership Pricing at MUSIC Swing Dance Club, Collinsville, Illinois.  2nd & 4th Sundays.

  • Discounts on merchandise such as Shirts, Shoe Bags, and more.

  • FREE Dance Workshops.

We offer two (2) types of Memberships.  ANNUAL and LIFETIME.

ANNUAL JitterSwing Memberships are pro-rated and all Annual Memberships expire Dec. 31.

Jan, Feb, Mar  $25,      Apr, May, Jun  $20,

Jul, Aug, Sept  $15,      Oct, Nov, Dec  $10.

LIFETIME Memberships are currently $45, and never expire.  

All Memberships are 'non-transferable'.
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