JitterSwing DANCE CLUB
Step into a brand new lifestyle with JitterSwing Dance Club. “JitterSwing” is the name of our Dance Club and is not a ‘dance’. Although we primarily teach Swing dancing, we believe that variety keeps it interesting, so we also offer classes in Line Dancing, Country Two Step, Nightclub 2-Step, other Country Dances, and more.  The style of swing we teach is called “Imperial Swing”, after a nightclub in St. Louis called Club Imperial.  The Imperial style evolved originally from the Jitterbug and in St. Louis it became a mixture of both East Coast and West Coast Swing. Our casual approach teaches people easy-to-learn, social style dancing in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

JitterSwing MUSIC
Our DJ’s provide a great mix of music to keep everyone on the floor.  They mix it up with beats from “slow to fast”, with selections from “past hits to current”, from rock & roll to blues to disco to country to line dances, etc.  They have a great line up of music each week but also take requests.

We hear over and over from our newcomers how “friendly” and “welcoming” the people at our club are.  It is our ongoing goal to be known as “the friendliest dance club in St. Louis”.  We are a “social” club, and many fantastic friendships have been formed at our dances.  Our activities extend beyond dancing, from trips to the winery, community events, an annual vacation trip, picnics, and more.  We have people from all walks of life, and all age groups. Our group is comprised of both couples and singles.  “Dance” is a great “equalizer”.  It brings people together without regard to age or background.