You do not have to be a 'Member' to attend Jitterswing Events (Dances, Lessons, Etc.)

    However, by being a 'Member' and showing your card, you get a discount on Friday Night Dance Admission and other selected    dances and/or events.

    Friday Night Admission:  

        JitterSwing Members that show their card:  $7.00.    JItterSwing Members that do not show their card:  $10.00.

        Everyone Else:  $10.00

    Members are also entered into the Progressive Member Jackpot on Friday Nights.

     We put $10.00 in the Jackpot every Friday we have a dance.    If we draw your name, you win the Jackpot.

     If the name we draw is not there...we add the $10.00 to next weeks Jackpot.  The Jackpot keeps building until someone wins it.


          Annual Membership are Prorated. 

          Annual Memberships Expire December 31 each year but may be renewed each additional year for $20.00.

                   $30.00 (January, February, March, April)

                   $25.00 (May, June, July, August)

                   $20.00 (September, October, November, December)

          Lifetime Membership

          Lifetime Memberships never expire.  You pay for it one (1) time...and you never worry about it again.  $55.00

    Fill out a Membership Form, turn it in with your money, at any Friday night dance, (Cash or Check), pick up your card next week.

    Or call in advance with your credit card information and we'll have your card ready to be picked up on Friday night.

        Just fill out the membership form when you arrive.

    For questions or to pay for your membership with your credit card, call Terry at 314.603.6337 or Email,